• Alex Bovell

5 Foods for Glowing Skin

How can you nourish your glowing skin from the inside out?

It's clear through the amount of research constantly out there that the foods you put into your body have a significant impact on the health of your skin and the way your skin ages. There are definitely easy and affordable ways to improve the health of your skin without having to spend money on expensive products and powders. I don't know about you, but as a youngin I didn't really think twice about my skin. However, the more I learn and obviously age, the more I have begun to care about the internal and external health of my skin. I've adopted an amazing skin care routine that I bloody love and makes me feel like I basically have my shit together (even when I don't). Yet, I was curious to learn more about how I could nourish my skin through my everyday diet because that's where change occurs, through consistent efforts.

The following are some of the results I've come up with from research that will be easy additions to your everyday plate.

Fatty Fish

Fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines are amazing for the health of your skin due to their high omega-3 essential fatty acid profile. Omega-3's are a nutrient that the majority of western society lack purely because a lot of us don't eat fish anymore. These omega-3s are crucial for maintaining thick, moisturised and glowing skin. Without enough we may start to experience a lot of dryness and redness. It's the anti-inflammatory effect of omega-3's that assists reducing redness and acne, as the western diet is highly inflammatory and it's important to combat this through anti-inflammatory foods.

Beyond the omega-3's, fatty fish contain Vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects your skin cells against free radicals which cause damage and ageing. This one food source will also provide you with protein to maintain the strength and integrity of your skin, whilst providing zinc to assist with new skin cell production and wound healing of acne scars.

Now that we've discussed all of that, surely there can't be more benefits?? There is!

Salmon is rich in dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), which protects cell membranes (the lining of our cells) from deterioration that manifests as premature ageing.


This superfood contains extremely beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids, which maintain your skins flexibility and moisture. There's research surfacing now that avocados contain particular compounds that may protect skin from UV sun damage which causes wrinkles and speeds up the ageing process.

Similarly to fatty fish, Avocados contain Vitamin E, the antioxidant that'll work in your anti-ageing favour through protecting cells from oxidative damage (harm caused by free radicals). Want to enhance Vitamin E's effects, combine it with Vitamin C (red capsicum, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes & lemon). These two nutrients work in favour of one another, just think... how easy is it to squeeze some lemon onto your avocado prior to devouring it?

Vitamin C will also help create collagen, a protein that's essential for strong skin health and provide antioxidant effects (similarly to Vitamin E). The high fat content of avocados will also assist the bodies ability to absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin E that we've discussed already and Vitamin A which I'll be addressing further down in the article.


No longer are these lil gems recognised only for their brain health benefits. Finally, they're receiving well deserved recognition for their positive impact on healthy skin. Walnuts provide essential fatty acids (that the body cannot make itself) which nourish the skin cells. These healthy fats support the skin cell membranes protecting the cells from damage and ageing. Without healthy cell membranes it'd be super easy for damaging toxins to enter in and cause havoc!

A little extra info, when cell membranes are healthy and strong, more water is retained which manifests as glowing smooth skin! Additionally, Walnuts are amazing because they contain both Vitamin E and Vitamin C, having beautiful antioxidant effects.

Sweet Potato

Think all things sweet potato chippies! YES, go ahead now and coat the baking tray with baking paper because i'm giving you an excuse to prepare these golden gems without any hesitation. Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene which is converted in the body to Vitamin A and acts as an antioxidant & natural sunblock in your skin.

Approximately, 100g or 1/2 cup of baked sweet potato will well and truly meet your Recommended Dietary Intake (RD) of Vitamin A. Please note, baking this veggie will enhance the nutrient extraction, again, Sweet Potato Chippies are calling!

It's also important to acknowledge that Vitamin A has powerful abilities to prevent the overproduction of your skin cells outer layer which reduces the amount of dead cells that would be able to combine with sebum and clog the pores.

Red Capsicum

As the Americans would say, Red Bell Peppers, similarly to sweet potatoes are an amazing source of beta-carotene and therefore Vitamin A. Consuming only 1 cup of this vegetable will provide almost 100% of your RDI of Vitamin A. Think how easy it is to incorporate red capsicum and sweet potato in the one meal, easily being able to meet your Vitamin A requirement for the day! Additionally, you can meet beyond 100% of your RDI of Vitamin C through 1 cup of red capsicum which will assist in the production of collagen keeping the elasticity and spring in your skin!

I hope these simple and inexpensive additions have provided some education around why these foods are amazing for your skin health! Start by simply introducing one of these per night and watch your skin glow!

With Love,

Alex xxx