• Alex Bovell

The Role of Exercise on Skin Care

I bet you never considered exercise would be the secret all this time to healthy glowing skin! I'm excited to tell you, it well and truly could be! I've always been a huge advocate for exercise for MANY reasons. And believe me, I'm very much a "Netflix B& Chill" kinda girl, so I need all the motivation I can get and reasons why I should exercise to convince me.

Recently I've begun realising there's also such an amazing impact exercise can have on your overall skin health. Forget expensive products, a daily sweat sesh may be all you really need.


Exercise assists positively altering gut micro biome composition. Basically that means, exercise modifies those little bugs that have made your gut their home having positive health effects. Current research has found your daily sweat increases n-butyrate concentration which is known for reducing inflammation as well as gut permeability (leaky gut). Both of these effects will improve your skin health for a variety of reasons (another story for another day). Just think, exercise = healthy gut = less inflammation!


Maybe you exercise for this sole purpose alone, and that's absolutely fine. I often find myself craving a HIIT workout or a boxing session when I've been dormant for too long (AKA netflixing and bingeing whatever I'm currently obsessed with). It's definitely my go-to stress reliever. However, have you ever considered that the stress reducing effects of exercise may also be improving your skin health? When you're stressed, the body switches to survival mode and reacts by reducing progesterone and elevating cortisol production. Consequently, sustained high cortisol triggers the skin’s sebaceous glands to increase sebum (oil) production. Extra oil production blocks pores causing inflammation and finally acne/breakouts.


When your heart rate increases your blood vessels expand in order to pump more blood around your body. More blood = more oxygen & more nutrients circulating throughout the body. This is what contributes to that post-workout glow you might find radiating from your skin. Obviously that rosy glow is nothing to be embarrassed about, it's what you call oxygen-rich skin that's nourishing the skin cells and keeping them young.


The increased blood flow caused through exercising, assists the body eliminate any waste products such as free radicals, toxins and old hormones, which helps rejuvenate your skin. As a result these waste products are sent to the liver for the detoxification process to begin. It's another way your body is able to increase the detoxification process.

If you weren't convinced already, working out is a must in any healthy lifestyle! There's no one size fits all approach so it's very much a trial and error effort that you have to go through to find out what you love. This also may change throughout your life, just keep trying because there really is no better feeling than that post-workout endorphin rush!