& Workshops

Are you interested in having Alex present at your next Corporate or School event? 

Through engaging and interactive presentations/workshops, Alex captures the audiences attention,

educating on topics including Nutrition, Lifestyle, Yoga, Mental Health,

Eating Disorders and more. 


"We would like to thank and congratulate Alex on the success of the Nutritional talk that took place here. The time dedicated with our Year 7-Year 12 students’ educating them about healthy nutrition was of great benefit for their overall knowledge and understanding. We strongly admired the way Alex shared personal stories about the journey she has been on with an eating disorder. This really helped the students to engage on a personal level during the presentation. Standing in front of the students and sharing so many personal experiences, is something to be venerated. Alex is a great role model for of all of us at Divine Mercy and we thank Alex for taking the time to deliver such a well prepared, informative exposition"

Karen McCay, Divine Mercy College